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Casting Directors for Low Budget Film

Hello there everybody,

just wondering if anyone out there has had good experiences in dealing with casting directors for low budget films (between 600 to 800k GBP). My feature film debut as writer/director is a fantasy genre film, it has been through the development motions for a while (including EU Media development programs/markets) and me and the producer are now in a good position with sales agents and contacts for early financing. I've got a very good profile as writer/director in top festivals such SITGES/FANTASIA/FRIGHTFEST/etc...
We need to start attaching UK acting talent and I've heard very contrasting opinions regarding involving casting directors or not. Some say it's worth it some say it's really not. We are in no position to pay a daily/weekly fee and can right now only afford a flat fee.
Also, we're looking to attach talent that has at least some sort of profile (we do have a good budget for the roles) so we wouldn't want someone that just puts out a casting call open to anybody.

We're currently on the lookout for someone good that can help us land the right cast though and I wonder if this is something we should do ourselves by getting in touch with agents asking for the right talent.

Just looking for opinions and advice really.

2 years ago