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Location in London - PAID

Hi, my name is Alex and I am currently finishing my MA in Film through the development of a London-based web-series. I am on an extremely tight budget - coming out of my own pocket - and looking for a three-bedroom house - or flat - within Greater London to shoot during ten days maximum, in between the 20th November and the 5th December. This would mean starting at around 8/9pm until 7/8pm. It needs to have that houseshare kind of look - the story of three characters at the beginning of their lives in London. We only have a very small crew and cast so, besides two scenes that will involve more characters - I can send you the script and explain how these scenes are to be shot - the majority of the time it will only be few of us in total.
Also, I must say, the team and I are quite considerate and will respect the house rules and your neighbours. University provides insurance for the shooting dates. I only need a release form signed to assure that.
Through Airbnb, I have seen different houses at around £100 per day. That would be my limit for the right house. The problem is that most of these Airbnb houses look too good for what I am looking for.
Please PM or leave a comment/suggestion.
Thank you all!

1 year ago