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Colourist available, showreel inside

Hello everyone, I hope all of you and your loved ones are ok.

I'm Chiara Coperchini, a colourist based in Italy that loves to work remotely for all kinds of projects. My main goal is to listen and understand carefully to the vision behind and doing everything to transfer it into a grade, using simple and fast ways to conform in the process.

I've been working hard (enjoying every second of it) and also thanks to some fantastic people I've known (and worked with) on this platform, I'm really happy to share my showreel with you!

If you need a colourist and you liked the reel, please write to me at
with the details of your project (length, which and how many cameras were used, the deadline if there is one...), and based on that I'll let you know my cachet for it.

Thanks everyone for your time, stay safe!

PS:I hope I'm not breaking any rules with this post, if so please remove it.

9 months ago