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Budgeting a film

Hello from Richard- I need to know if it is possible to make my film script as a low-budget feature and if on a low-budget it is easier to fund it on Kickstarter, where I have never raised funds and will try to use this site to hire an executive producer to handle that campaign if that is a way to do it. Anyway I would like to know if a Feature film, I hope to film in Africa next year, could film for £1,000 a day, crew, even actors getting £100 a day, for 18 days. Ideally I really wanted to film for £300,000 unsure if I could raise that, I could try, but, with unknown actors, and a cheap basic crew, maybe I could film for £30,000, hence I am unsure, if possible I would like to let anyone see my script if they sent an email, to see if my assumptions on budget are correct or can advise, if direct email sent.

7 months ago