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A very talented animator, help me encourage and advise her please?

Hey everyone,
So one of my closest friends suffers from aspergers (a form of autism) because of this she has been home schooled her entire life until she reached college, there she attended and found a passion for animation... unfortunatly, our college did not teach her animation and the main tutor didn't support her passion or any of her work as she played favourites in the class and put down those she disliked.
Because of this tutor, we both left that college. She moved to a new college and is basically repeating the course again but can't do her extended level 3 as the new college have only now just turned round and said she can't do the extended as they will stop her funding.

Basically, she is self taught and her super bad anxiety from the aspergers mixed with the very negative comments from that tutor have made her to believe she is hopeless, useless, won't get anywhere with it etc. She doesn't have enough UCAS points to attend uni yet because of the repeated course and she doesn't believe she is talented enough nor confident enough to approach people, companies, etc to maybe ask for advice, training or work experience.

I am going to post the links to some of her work below, and I would really appreciate it if the lovely people on here could offer me and/or her places to look at, general advice on how to approve... anything! I've been trying to get her to acknowledge her talents for over 2 years now, please help me show her she is an incredibly talented animator and artist.

Thank you in advance,

Animation 1:
This was her first animation that she created in level 2, the music was written, recorded and composed by her.

Animation 2:
A beautiful piece to accompany a poem she wrote, once again. She recorded the music.

Animation 3/music video:

Decorated instruments:

2 years ago