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Would love help producing my documentary Urban Apocalypse.

I haven't been in the film game for a while, but for some time I have been toying with producing a feature-length documentary on a very contemporary and highly controversial subject I am quite passionate about. The explosion in gang violence in London and near the epidemic level of deaths, especially among young blacks is something that both disturbs and intrigues me. Apart from the usual hand-wringing, I feel that there is a deeper story to be told and as a writer and filmmaker, it would be a great challenge to explore this subject and bring it to the screen in a way that informs, inspires and maybe rocks a few boats.

Clearly, we are living in a time of great crisis and upheaval and the violence we see is very much a symptom of that. I think it is also up to us in the media to record the events that shape our times. However, as much as I would love to do this, I think I would only attempt it if I could offer a different kind of storytelling. I'm also not sure where to start as I have little experience of documentary format. So I'm putting out the feelers for potential collaborators who might feel as charged as me and feel they could do something to make this happen in a unique way; maybe in producing role, writing/researching or as a hands-on filmmaker, with experience of producing high-quality documentaries.

1 year ago