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Collaborator for short docs

Hey guys – I'm a professional broadcast journalist, looking to shoot a few extra-curricular projects to keep my brain active. I have a couple of short documentary ideas that I've been knocking about and doing some research on with an historian friend of mine, so I was wondering whether are any London-based DOPs/editors who would be up for collaborating on a couple of short docs? I don't have any particular ambition for them beyond making little interesting sub-10 minute stories, but if you're looking for a bit of slightly more interesting showreel footage, or if you're just looking to make connections, hit me up.

I have two ideas I'd like to take forward: one is WILDLY self-indulgent, and probably shouldn't be humoured; the other will be good, I promise. Neither would occupy more than a day of shoot time.

And if you have any ideas for short documentaries, get in touch too. Happy to produce and facilitate your projects and make them happen if it's an interesting project. I have Canon C100 kit and sound gear, and access to researchers...etc if I think that we can make something fun. As ever, not looking for commercial projects at this point, just putting together some good short documentaries that may lead to other possibilities in the future.

1 year ago