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VFX/Effects advice for stabbing in Wide Shot

Hi Shooters!

I'm making a short film with a modest budget, and I want to briefly show one person stabbing a knife into another character's bare midriff in a wide shot. I'm not sure where to start, or what kind of person I should be looking for?

The obvious idea is to have a prop knife with a retractable tip, but I have read many articles that they aren't safe (in case they jam), and actor safety is paramount.

I was thinking perhaps it could be achieved through a small amount of SFX or compositing with one character stabbing into an object and then comping the other actor back in, but I was wondering how realistic this is on a very small budget?

I'd be so grateful for any advice anyone might be able to give me, if you know anyone who might be up to the challenge, or if you've filmed anything similar...

Thanks, Shooters!

2 weeks ago