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Actress reaching out, before membership expires.

Dear SP community,

I hope everyone is doing as well as can be, during this time.

I’ve been a member of Shooting People for seven years now; and my membership’s expiration date is coming up in a few months.

The first year with SP was tremendous; I worked with four different filmmakers on six very different projects that stretched my capabilities, and that I’m very proud of. I’ve watched a host of wonderful films via the platform. I engaged with creatives in discussions on the ‘Ask’ and ‘Discuss’ portions of the site, and voted during the Film of the Month contests, engaging with the filmmakers on many occasions.

However, the following six years (despite my submitting for appropriate castings) has yielded not a thing; not even any courtesy responses from any of the castings I’d submitted for.

Three of the four filmmakers I collaborated with have since left the platform, and have continued to stay in touch with me. I’m grateful to Shooting People for these opportunities to collaborate and connect.

That said, I’m reaching out now to gain any new contacts interested in collaborating before my subscription expires. I’m based in North London; and my Spotlight link is on my profile. My reel can be viewed there.

Thank you for reading this, and be safe.

Best wishes,

7 months ago