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Does anyone have any unused footage I could colour grade to build a showreel?

Hey everyone,

I've been using Davinci to grade footage in my day job and I feel my skills have come on quite a bit.

I mostly shoot and edit corporate stuff, so I'm struggling to put together an exciting show reel based off that alone.

With that in mind I was wondering if anyone had any unused shots or camera tests or anything they wouldn't mind me having a crack at grading? These could be from scenes you never used, travel shots you filmed on a whim, or even your projects you wouldn't mind sharing a few shots from.

I'm after shots in Prores, Raw or DNxHD preferably.

I am open to the idea of grading whole projects if a) they're in one of the formats above b) they're not too long or ambitious as I have quite a few other other projects on currently c) they're competently filmed.

Does anyone have any advice about building a colour grading showreel from scratch?



10 months ago