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Shooting People
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Help a shooter with your expertise

Are you a script editor longing to redeem yourself?

You are a professional or just starting as a script editor, yet you are hungry for that original and quirky story that you can rarely find. Cops and hospitals can be fun settings (right???) but you are sick of it... Like eating cheese burgers every day. So why don't you help me revising a TV Mini-series that is bold and original? I could be a new entry in your portfolio, your redeemer (if you are responsible the above incriminated shows) or I could be just your mouse lab... or even that slow cooked lamb that you craved all along (unless you are vegetarian of course... anyway). Intrigued? Please shoot an email to and I will be happy to pitch this project to you properly. How about a taste of my writing skills in the meantime (from two of my most recent shorts):

Respect 101 (5', thriller):

Happy Birthday My Dear (10', mystery/drama):

2 years ago