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Hi shooters - got an old film-based cinema camera to donate to a museum?

Hi shooters
Just south of the British Museum in the heart of Bloomsbury, London is a charming little place called the Camera Museum run by a guy called Adrian Tang. It has a lovely collection of cameras including 16mm and Super 8 free to view in the lower ground floor with a cafe and a Hasselblad specialist & camera repair shop on the ground floor. But there's one thing they DON'T have...
Adrian said he would LOVE to have a vintage movie camera. They don't have any funds to buy one for the Museum Gallery, but if you have some 20th century monster gathering dust in the basement, maybe consider donating it to the Museum? Doesn't have to work. If you do, please don't contact me (I am just a visitor to the museum), but please contact Camera Museum here: Website:
Many thanks. Martin.

2 years ago