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Advice on M&E tracks


I wanted to get some advice on delivering M&E tracks for a foreign dub.

I’m working with a distributor who has put my film up on the main VOD platforms in the US, UK etc…

They now want to do a German dub and asked for the following: “separate audio stripes, music in stereo, efx in stereo and dialogue in stereo all in separate tracks”.

My sound mixer supplied me with 3 separate tracks (music, FX/ambiance and dialogue).

I’d heard that it is best to put the non-language “mouth sounds”: groaning, screaming, baby crying, grunting, heavy breathing etc… onto the FX/ambience track to save these having to be re-dubbed.

However, the sound mixer thinks these “mouth sounds” should be counted as dialogue and re-dubbed, hence why he put them on the dialogue track.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



1 year ago