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Am I disabled.. and does it matter?

Apologies for making that a bit click-baity.

If you know me, you know I rarely talk about having epilepsy (many don't even know I have it).

Often I forget I have it myself and have become numb to the routine of taking pills each day (which by the way, doesn't stop me from having seizures).

I have never defined myself as being disabled, so I rarely think about how the epilepsy might be holding me back in life. Long story short; I am currently working as a corporate video editor, trying to get into the editing room on tv dramas and features, which many people tell me I am ready for (and I obviously feel I have the skills at this stage, I have been editing corporates and shorts for about 7 years).

Recently though, I am finding there are still opportunities that I cannot put myself forward for because I am not allowed to drive (for at least one year after having a seizure).

Many people with epilepsy have seizures more often than me. My case isn't anything special. I can still stand in front of strobe lights and drink alcohol. I usually have a seizure about once a year, and often I don't even need to go into hospital. I just lose a few hours of my time and have a week of not hitting the gym too hard.

So my question..

Is anyone else here in the SP community in a similar position? Does this - or any other illness - stop you from applying for jobs?

The last thing I want to do is blame an illness for stopping me from getting the jobs I would like. At the end of the day, driving a car won't make me a great editor, or assistant. I need to be able to quickly solve problems in Avid and brew a quality cup of tea (I have it down to a fine art).

My big reason for writing this post is that there seem to be a lot of funds and mentorship schemes in place for people from diverse backgrounds, and I am starting to wonder if there is similar support in place for people held back by disability (however mild that may be).

By the way, I still don't really consider myself as being disabled, but maybe I am. I really have no idea at what point one would have that label attached to them. I certainly don't think anyone should be defined by that label.

11 months ago