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**FILM CREW** Hi all. Need a top notch small crew on a micro budget. Expenses only. Strong script, big idea. Ask me questions!

Hi all,

So basically, I sent my script and concept to Channel 4 and BBCs writers room in the past 9 months. I have just found out that netflix have announced the same idea and concept and are in production on it now. Small chance the creators could have seen my stuff and stolen the concept, but high chance its a very unfortunates coincidence.

That said, its two years of my work on and off going down the drain when they release, but the initial concept was to have it as a crime drama series on Instagram or YOUTUBE. Similar idea has been done to an ok standard once before ( See Shield 5 on instagram).

What I have now is a 50 page script that I would like to shoot and release, ideally before NETFLIX release their version called "CRIMINAL" on September 20. Thats tight but we literally are in one location for the best part of the script which is the interrogation room.

I am an actor with no money. I need a small team behind the camera (initial thoughts were to use filmic pro on Iphone which i have, plus my kit: rode mic, tripod, some lighting, Ziyun Gimbal) and if you have access to a good camera, lighting and sound gear then great, and then someone to edit. If shot entirely on an Iphone, it could also garner extra interest and praise.

I can source the actors myself and I have links to some organisations that would screen it if its a decent standard.

This is an idea, and I am putting it out in the community who maybe feel like the little guy is always missing opportunities because of funding.

Leave your thoughts below film maker fam, and I will absorb the realities of the task!

Kindest regards


9 months ago