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Any recommendations for Interviewing remotely?

I'm looking at how best to record a series of audio-only interviews during lockdown and am trying to navigate the numerous variables.

The subjects are located in various global locations so getting mics to some of them may be tricky and we are needing to make things as straightforward for them as we can. If we do send a mic it would probably need to be something small and simple like a lav mic (which can connect to a phone).

One of the main factors aside from mics is the actual recording interface and quality.

There is a podcasting app called Anchor which has a built-in remote interview function and is compatible with a mic, however it only records audio at 32kbps

The Voice Memos app on iPhone records higher lossless quality and also records with a mic, however the actual call for the interview would obviously need to be separate, through a different device. With headphones etc.

Anyone with any thoughts or light to shed on this would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance, Felix

2 years ago