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Advice and/or help editing a short film trailer

Been off the short film circuit for a while. This is my first shooters post in forever.

Since my last short, it looks like festivals now want you to have a trailer to accompany your film.

I'm looking for advice or help in creating this.
I have edited the film myself - Sound Asleep, starring Red Dwarf's Danny John-Jules, and shot by Primetime Emmy Award winning DoP Franklin Dow, and the film, a comedy, is looking great.

But I have no idea what would work in a trailer for a 7.5 minute film.

So I wonder if anyone has links to what they consider to be good trailers for shorts - esp in comedy.

I'm also wondering if there is an editor out there who might be interested in cutting it or working with me to cut it. (I'm the film's director primarily).

Shot on 4k, the film has been edited on Premiere Pro. Full edit suite setup in London or happy to work remote.

Thanks loads,


5 months ago