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Were you approached by Latest TV Brighton?

Early in January, I received a message via Shooting People from someone asking permission to screen a short film of mine on Latest TV Brighton, a freeview channel, with the possibility that it would be shown on other local freeview channels. No fee paid, no rights relinquished. Shortly after that, I received a message from someone else at the station, who had watched the film on my YouTube channel and declared it "very watchable".

When I asked how they would like me to deliver the film (format / media type), I received no response.

Some months passed, then on 17th April I received a message saying that the film would be screened in May or June. I again asked how they would like me to deliver the film, and I again received no response.

A few weeks back, I messaged someone on Shooting People who is loosely associated with Latest TV Brighton, and she kindly said she would speak to them on my behalf, to get an update. She reported back to me that Latest TV Brighton would contact me "ASAP".
Well, no one contacted me. And I have to say that for people who are getting broadcast content for free, they don't half treat people poorly, communication wise. I'm left with no idea what their actual intentions are, if they have any intentions at all.

Was anyone else similarly approached by Latest TV Brighton?

I'm not at all bothered whether or not the film gets screened - my gut feeling had actually been to say no when I was approached - but I am bothered about being ignored and being left in the dark.

1 year ago