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Looking for a project to test my new Panasonic EVA1 (Varicam Mini) in real world conditions.

I'm looking for a production on which I can test my new Panasonic EVA1 in real world conditions. For those that don't know, the EVA1 is the baby of the Varicam family (Deathnote, Frontier) and with a 5.7K sensor (10 bit 4K internally and 5.7K RAW to an external recorder) is Netflix approved. It can also be broken down to a small size to be put on gimbals, drones etc).

The production would be with me as DOP (only interested in testing, not dry hire), be insured and have a decent lighting/grip budget.

If you have a production that fits the above criteria and you would be interested in letting me test my EVA1 out on it; let me know.


11 months ago