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How to deal with unprofessional people?

I have tried to look for a producer to collaborate with. I have found some. They ask me for my script to read it first. After I have sent them my script, I never hear from them again?!

I think it's very unprofessional. If they didn't like the screenplay, they could at least let me know that they don't like the script, and therefore are no longer interested in the project / collaboration. It's as simple as that. But by disappearing, it just shows who they are. Do I want to work with these people, NO!

Or, they may modify a little bit of my script and use it as their own to produce the film with other director instead.

I don't want to chase them either. Then they would think I really want to work with them. So, it will just seem like I am begging them to work with me.

Any suggestion what to say to these people? I thank you in advance.


2 months ago