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Looking for a storyboard artist

I have an hour and a half audiodrama episode for my series 'Before Wish Mountain' that will be released online in several weeks time. The episode has a full cast, narration, sound fx, and score, and whilst it is still an amateur level production I have very proud of it.

Since the episode is essentially done but undergoing fine tuning, I'm seeing if there is possible interest for a storyboard artist to provide the art to create an animatic to go with the audiodrama. This might not be for professional storyboard artists as I honestly don't have the funds to pay for that level of quality, but this could be a great paid opportunity for those newer storyboard artists looking to build their showreels. I also understand this might seem like a huge undertaking to do the whole thing, so if there's interest to do just a scene or two then that is fine too.

Before Wish Mountain is the first episode in an epic comedy-fantasy adventure. The events center around a folk hero-turned-fugitive who seeks refuge on a magical mountain to escape royal prosecution and bounty hunters. I like to think the series is a mix of 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'The Princess Bride' in tone.

The pay won't be great, more expenses level than minimum wage (since that's what I earn myself).

If this is of interest send me an email with some of your previous work at

2 years ago