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What is the outlook now for new producers?

Hi Film Makers,

I’ve been wanting to produce a film for a very very long time, but due to personal circumstances have been unable to do so.

I now have the opportunity to take voluntary redundancy from my work, which will give me the opportunity to fulfil my dream. BUT Covid is scaring me off!

Is there a living to be made now by an independent producer with very little practical experience? This will clearly be further complicated due to complexities of filming with COVID restrictions. Insurance costs etc.

Is there any investment for independents due to folk being cautious with their finances?

Even if an independent film is made, will it be bought due to restrictions in exhibition?

I really want to take my redundancy and run to make a film, but for the first time in my life I’m questioning whether I should give up and stick to my 9 to 5!

What should I do!!!

4 months ago