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Experienced filmmaker in search of an esoterically-inclined co-producer.

I am an experienced producer/director/editor with a short film in preproduction about the nature of narrative, identity, and magic. I am also a senior university lecturer: teaching media communications, and media production. I am, as I say, experienced in production and I'm currently working on raising funding, but I can find wearing creative and logistical hats simultaneously a strain, so I am looking for a co-producer to collaborate with me.

I am undertaking a practice-based PhD on occulture and am producing a 15min short film as part of it. The film is called, "This is Not The Story I Wanted to Tell You."

River is a writer with a story to tell. A story about who we are, things we have observed, the reality of change, and the likelihood of survival. But, with a deadline to meet, River is struggling to find the right words and zero-hour is rapidly looming.

This is a story about the nature of story itself. It is a visual poem exploring the tales we tell each other, and ourselves, about who we are. About our beginnings, our middles—and our ends.

For more info, see:

I have set up a production company to focus solely on my occultural production and you can find out more about me and my work there (, or my profile here.

I am interested in talking to anyone who would like to collaborate, but particularly in any producers that might be interested in working together with me on this.

4 months ago