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Screenwriter looking for co-writer for queer/female orientated comedy/drama feature scripts

Hi fellow writers! I'm looking for a co-writer for long or short term collaboration,

I'm an English writer/ director based in Berlin, writing films mostly in English that are set either in Berlin or the UK. I've made one feature film (Break My Fall, UK 2011 - available on itunes, amazon, BFIplayer etc.) which had a theatrical release in the UK & Germany and most recently a web series entitled Mixed Messages (Germany 2017) which you can find on iTunes, Amazon etc..

My target audience is LGBTQ/ female/ arthouse/ music -orientated/ youth - orientated...

My strengths as a writer are character, dialogue, atmosphere and dark/deadpan humour. I'm looking for an experienced writer (of any gender/ orientation) whose strength is plot/ structure and who is committed to writing stories with strong female and/or queer characters.

Payment will depend on commitment level and off course you will be properly credited. Please contact me for more info on the following email for more info:

Yours in optimism and collaborative spirit,


5 months ago