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Are You Motivated, Talented & Interested In Screenwriting?

Hey Screenwriters,

I'm a UK Director looking for skilled short film writers to work (and build a relationship to develop features long term!)

Why Am I Doing This?

I am good with story/script development but not a writing guy so it takes me ages. Plus I enjoy and am better at directing. I have money to invest and want to put these funds into the best short scripts out there.

What's In It For You?

My team will drive the development and production of your short and basically pay for you to get top-end short film credits under your name on IMDB.

Something Your Interested In?

Great - please send me any short films you have written that you want to be made.

Any style, any genre - with copyright.

My email address is:

I look forward to reading your short scripts.

Stay Lucky,

11 months ago