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Looking for an audio editor?

I am trying to get started in post-production audio. I have done a lot of production and location sound in the past, and fully intend to continue. However, I can do post-production remotely, which fits in with my day job much more easily.

I am offering to do sound editing, Foley, sound design, and mixing for your short films. The first one for each person will be a freebie. If you don't like the result, you don't have to keep it. I'm limiting this to short films (say 15 minutes max) so that I can complete them in a timely manner. My day job gives me access to studio space with Adobe Audition, Premiere Pro, Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro and much more.

If you're interested, reply to my post here or message me. We can then discuss details re: whether you want a mix, Foley, sound design, etc. and any other requirements you have.

Thanks all!

8 months ago