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independent Documentary - legal advice - any firms you'd recommend?

Hi shooters,

I've recently finished my first feature doc, and have potentially made the naive error of not gaining sufficient permission to film in one of the locations (a motorsport track). There were guidelines in place for what you can and cannot film (which I adhered to) but I had nothing in writing.

Long and short of it is, the film is being "blocked" by the venue from me entering it into festivals etc and I'm looking to find out what options I have, if any. I may not have a leg to stand on, or there might be no issue at all! I don't know. I've joined Bectu and can access some free legal advice there, but also wondering if there are any recommended legal firms I could try direct.

I'm hitting dead ends with trying to discuss any issues with them directly.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations


4 weeks ago