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Who wants an orchestra?

So I’ve got an orchestra at my disposal— in my computer. I just got it all tuned up and it’s ready to go.

Let’s bring the orchestra back to indie films. I’m an experienced and classically trained composer, pianist, guitarist, and orchestrator. I’ve worked on films and games with hybrid scores before but would very much like to go “full orchestra” this time around. Please ask for the most recent copies of my work, more than happy to send along.

I work quickly on Logic X, generally using SMPTE and WAVS for delivery to the Dub. I mix/master my own material, but I am also capable of sending raw stems to a capable music editor/sound mixer if that is preferable. I am capable of generating full scores, as well, using a notation program called Dorico.

Some sounds I’m using are:

BBC Symphony Orchestra Pro by Spitfire Audio
LA Scoring Strings 3 by AudioBro
The Trumpet, The Trombone, and Horns & Tuba by Samplemodeling
CineBrass Core and Pro by Cinesamples
Berlin Woodwinds by Orchestral Tools
TrueStrike Percussion by ProjectSam
…..and more.

These are some of the top sample/sample-modeling libraries in the industry, and I have them calibrated and working together to create a 99% authentic orchestral sound. I have been working and saving for years to bring this all together.

But that’s all worthless if you don’t know how to use it. I’ve studied some of the most beloved and famous film scores of Goldsmith, Williams, Shore, Herrmann, and Powell, to name a few, and have spent 2 years reading and studying film music literature on my own (and, yes, watching a ton of films, oh my what a burden!). I know the importance of underscoring or holding back during dialogue, not fighting the mix, and when to hit the audience hard for those truly transcendent moments. After all, it’s just as much about what you don’t write as what you choose to include.

To those approaching post-production who would like a rich orchestral score that wouldn’t seem possible because of budget limitations, I’m talking to you. Reach out to me at and let’s talk about how to make your film hit hard with horns, soar with strings, and flutter with flutes.

Thanks, Happy Holidays, and good luck to you, Film Makers.

1 month ago