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How do you call Asian people in UK?

In UK, what do you call people from India, Pakistan, Nepal, and the like, compared to China Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.? Is Asian the right definition for all Asians? Or, do people in UK use Asian, East Asian, South East Asian, and so on for different parts of Asia?

Because, I'm planning to make a documentary about racism, xenophobia, and the like against specific groups of Asian people in UK and around the world. But I will focus more on UK. So, it'd be good to know the right terms to use for the correct Asian groups from different parts of Asia.

The recent resurgence of racism and xenophobia around the world against South East Asians, especially in the US and UK due to Covid combined with my own experience inspires me to make a documentary about it.

Also, do I need a solicitor to make a documentary about real people? Do I have to change their names? And so on.

I thank you in advance for your help.


9 months ago