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What is fat lama money?

No, this isn't a John Galt type question. I checked out Fat Lama, I don't know why, and now I received an invitation with some money. Someone, perhaps a former crew member, offering to rent something which I may no longer possess.

Is this person inviting me like Tom from Myspace? (Tom was a nice guy. But he never shared any of my posts.) Is the "person" who invited me perhaps Tom's AI stepsister (or perhaps his ex?)?

I've used other rental services (lens pimp has an unfortunate name, but the service was excellent and professional.) However, the prospect of perhaps renting out some of my equipment might allow me to buy more stuff that I don't need. (And even keep cool stuff that I can't find space for.)

But, I have my doubts. It looks kind of amateur-ish, at best Uber for camera owners. Probably not enough to make a living on, or even to pay off the cost of equipment.

Anyone with experience on Fat Lama, good or bad, please let me know. Also, bad experiences with rental firms, including that one, are always amusing and educational.

I'm putting this under camera lighting because I can't find a category for equipment rental.

12 months ago