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Any filmmakers looking for stories they can develop? Not wasting time on script classes, "learning" from other wannabes looking for adulation...

Don't wish to come across as arrogant (much), but films can be made without "educational support" (ie. classes on how to do it "right") All you need is the will and the tools and the talent! Not "advice" from others who claim they're good and know better from us "amateurs". If you're good and you know it, go for it! Stop wasting time. Find the right people!

Ironically, my published material may be unfilmmable…

Care to prove me wrong, anyone...?

(In before, "Looking for money/praise himself!" or "Why post this message on a website catering/pandering to those with a foot in the door").

Who else hates the term, "industry standard"? Let's set new standards! Can see a lot of eggs here (must be lots of chickens nearby…)

Steve Deighan
"Lanarkshire's Leading Writer of Horror Fiction"

PS Not wasting my time reading envious or faux-discerning replies - will only break away from writing future best-sellers if the replies are serious and genuine...


7 months ago