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Searching for London based filmmakers looking to privately screen their Shorts

Hi all,

I'm on the hunt for London based filmmakers who have recently finished their Short film and are now considering a private screening for friends/family/industry.

I'm looking to screen my own Short in the next month or so; however, I thought it would be nicer to present more than just one film to the audience (with a Q&A for each film). The filmmakers would also get more out of it, as they would be able to network with the other teams (hence London based filmmakers).

Depending on how many films I end up with, I'm looking to secure a decent sized cinema (100-120 seats) in an accessible London location.

Film Requirements:

- Less than 15mins
- Predominately live action
- Any genre/theme

Other than that, I'm basically looking for VERY HIGH QUALITY SHORTS. This doesn't mean huge budgets and star cast - substance is far more important. I'm looking for films that move an audience, change their emotional/psychological state after having viewed it...

This is NOT a film festival - no prizes or laurels - just an opportunity to share your work, test out the film on a big screen and hopefully meet some other talented individuals.

You can find more information about me and my short on:

If you are interested, please message me with a brief synopsis and link to a screener.

Thank you for your time.


7 months ago