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Looking for horror filmmakers in Lanarkshire area...

Hi guys! Super-new to this website!

I'm a published horror writer from North Lanarkshire, Scotland, and I'd like to work with some of you indie movie guys! There's a lot going on between the two cities here (Edinburgh and Glasgow) and I'd like to help either myself, or some other struggling fiction writer see some kind of success. I'm definitely NOT a selfish fellow - if you're deserving of it, then it's meant to be. But, if you're either a first-time or seasoned director looking for something short and hot ("Ooooh!") then I've got a scary selection of fiction for you! Either sent via email or as traditional, printed material, I'm looking for someone to bring my horror home. Or, failing that (because not everybody likes every horror brand) then let's see what I can do for you.

That's it for now, guys. Please, make me as welcome here as I will you. We're rockin' the same boat, kinda, right?

Steve Deighan.

5 months ago