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Any experiences / thoughts on IMDB credits as rewards on Kickstarter?

I'm about to start my first campaign to raise funds for a couple of short horror films and like many other campaigns I've seen, for my top tiers I'm including either an Associate or Executive Producer credit. These are the only credits I'm intending to add to IMDB, other thanks will be on the credits of the films, website and social media only. I have two questions:

1.) Is this allowed by IMDB? I have in the back of my mind that IMDB don't encourage or perhaps allow this, but the only post on the topic I can see on their forums is 4 years old - which basically advises 'be reasonable' in the number of credits.

2.) I know of a couple of cases of very enthusiastic backers purchasing a 'producer' reward, and then representing themselves as largely responsible for the whole production, causing the real creators some embarrassment. Anyone else had a similar experience and if so, what did you do?

1 year ago