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Producer interested in a short film that already has half the funding in place?


I am a Romanian film director who has recently moved to London. I am in the pre-production stage of a short film that will be shot in English, with a cast comprised of an English actor and a Romanian one. The film will be shot in Romania sometime in autumn (September - October). I have secured part of the funding necessary for it from a film development programme in Romania. They will pay for location, gear, part of the crew, colourizing, and sound. What I still need to find is the money to pay the two actors and the part of the crew that is not covered (writer, editor, set designer, and hopefully even myself). It is compulsory that the project be shot by the end of October so that would be my time frame.

Since I am a UK resident and one of the actors cast in the film will be from the UK as well, I am looking at the possibilities for this project to be a co-production UK - Romania. Also, the film will be in English so very much suited for viewing in the UK, with a topic rooted in contemporary issues. The film will tell the story of a couple where each comes from a different country, culture and background:
Mark and Lisa have been married for a couple of years. Recently, Lisa discovered feminist literature and started to question from a feminist point of view the routine of their relationship, her partener’s habits, his use of language. Mark feels used, betrayed by her, he feels under observation like an insect in an insectarium. Lisa regrets that her newfound feminist quest is putting a strain on their relationship. On one hand she wants Mark to understand her need, on the other she feels that she can’t trust any man anymore, including Mark.

Given the circumstances, can you please tell me what are the resources I might be able to apply for in the UK in order to get finance for this project? What are the pathways available for me in this situation? Where could I submit the project in order to gain further support?

I have previously shot two short films that have screened in international festivals and won awards, also I am a Talents Sarajevo alumni.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate any feedback from you.

All the best


3 months ago