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Documentary filmmaker wanted for a joint venture

I'm interested in getting into documentary making and I'm looking for experienced filmmakers who are interested in an ongoing partnership.

The deal: I pay all the costs involved with the project and any future financial rewards we receive (if any) are split 50/50.

Me: I have an unhealthy interest in documentaries, I have seen a lot… I'm based in London, English and I’m in my 30s with a young family. My background is running my own businesses

I provide: money, creativity, ideas, time, enthusiasm and good at getting stuff done

You provide: knowledge in most aspects of documentary filmmaking and lots of time

If you think you may have seen this listing before its because I posted it in July but I removed it after a couple days as I had too many work commitments at the time, if i didn't reply then please do get in touch again

Happy to chat on the phone, then maybe a coffee and so on.

2 years ago