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Any talented film individuals (of all skill sets) out there looking to start a film collective?

Hi there,

I'm an aspiring London-based film writer/director who has written a number of short films, one of which I've actually directed/produced as well. From my experience of seeing my first project through to fruition, I was surprised by the sheer logisitcs required into getting the film finished, not to mention the financial and emotional taxation (although overall I very much loved the experience). In an industry where you often build your showreel on the job, it can feel like an overly long process.

It occurred to me that there are probably other passionate and talented individuals of various disciplines on this site looking to produce more output but who are disenfranchised/restricted by the slow production rate and high costs of these projects. Hence, I thought I'd propose that we start a film collective where we regularly collaborate together and create short films on a regular basis. The benefits of this would be:

-the opportunity to gain experience from working on a lot of projects, all of which can be added to a showreel,
-networking with other passionate and talented people looking to break the industry,
-pool of experience/resources to minimise mistakes/costs
-gaining experience of different disciplines within the industry

So if you're interested in setting something like this up, whether you're a cinematographer, sound recordist, sctor, producer, writer, director, editor, or anything in between, drop me an email and we'll have a chat.


2 years ago