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Any camera/editor interested in turning my script into a short film with me in it?

I am a keen writer, film maker ( studied film) and also an actress trained at drama school.I am currently represented my The Centre Agency and also on SpotLight.Work has been quiet lately and I really want to get back into making short films ( also providing me with extra footage for show real and you too!).Unfortunately I am very poor so it would have to be someone who wouldn't mind doing it for the love of it and some good footage for yourself also.I would like it to be submitted into film festivals if its good enough.I just need help filming it, editing it and directing me also. I would be happy to volunteer for you also and help you out in exchange re if you need an actor etc .I love art also and anything to do with creating, film making, painting etc.I would be happy to send the script to you.Its very dark and very film noir just one person so me would be in it.I based it on a short story I wrote myself.Here's trying !xxx

11 months ago