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How did you raise money for your last feature film?

For our last film, we used a combination of crowdfunding, sales of related products (like a production journal), and basically using as few people as possible and doing the work we couldn't afford minimum wage for ourselves.

(I acted, directed, wrote, did my own stunts, designed websites and edited and did a lot of the crewing not because I'm vain, but because we couldn't afford to hire anyone who had more experience than me.)

For the next one, I've been looking at public funding bodies, but I see we're competing against the likes of Aardman and Working Title if I want any real development money.

I'm looking into EIS, but I don't know any rich UK investors (and we're competing against Disney there.)

We're still filling out the forms for those kinds of funding of course, just want to know what else is available.

I just wondered if anyone had modestly budgeted professional films (between 300k and 5m) without any big names involved that they had funded and can tell me more about.


4 years ago