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Wordpress For Film Website question

Hi Everyone,

We're launching the PR for my film in a month or so and I want to create a WordPress based website. There are many 3rd party Themes for film that are really outstanding. The WP themes I've used before were extremely easy to use as I am a complete novice when it comes to this area of IT. I think buying one of these premier themes and getting it running bug free will require more knowledge than I have.

The last question for this on SP is 5 years old so I'm writing today to get fresh answers.

I'm Leary of those marketplace sites where one can source cheap talent from all over the world. I won't risk my films web presence on casting a net like that.

Can anyone recommend a dedicated WordPress expert or designer to help with getting a theme up and running? In other words a pro that has a going concern business that I can rely on. That I can call on the phone if needed. Unlike those marketplace sites.

BTW I use Go Daddy for hosting and domains etc. Never had a problem with that in ten years.

Thanks for input,


10 months ago