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The 24 vs 25 fps Eternal Dilemma

Hi everyone!

Here's my problem: so far I have always been shooting my projects in 25fps. I am based in London and the films I make cater mainly to the UK market, so that is definitely the best option.

However, next month I will be travelling to the Carribean to shoot a short doc. In theory, it is designed mainly for the UK market, as we are trying to get distribution here with a British broadcaster. BUT we are also aiming at festivals on both sides of the pond, and for both 24fps would be a good format. In addition to that, we are also thinking at distribution in the Caribbean, where they mostly run on 30fsp, and especially local TVs on the island where the film is shot.

As far as I know is probably easier to go from 24 to either 25 or 30, rather than from 25 to 30. I have done some research but I cannot come up with a conclusion on what framerate we should use for this project. What is your experience in this regard?


1 year ago