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Looking for feedback from Directors of Photography on the cinematography lookbook

Hi there,
I am an emerging director, working on my first short film Lungs, which was supposed to be shot in April this year, but understandably the production has been paused. I have used that time to work on cinematography ideas for the film, based on the script analysis I have done. I produced a lookbook with some additional notes on the cinematography that I would like to try out.

This is also my final project for university - I am looking for a DoP who would like to have a look at my work and give me feedback that I could attach to my university submission. The feedback I seek is about whether it can be helpful in regards to visual development, can it be a good communication tool? Would it help or confuse? It can be any comment on how useful you think it is or criticism is also welcome.

Please let me know if you are interested in having a look at it - I will then share the materials over email.

Many thanks,

2 months ago