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Hi, does anyone need an original score, I’m experienced and looking for extra projects to get more credits to put on my IMDb

We’re looking for filmmakers/ producers, directors and writers with projects due for release in 2021. If this is you, we’d like to offer you a unique opportunity to collaborate with the young music prodigy on this global campaign.
Daniel Patrick-Murell, the composer in question is set to become the youngest World Record holder for his involvement in works being released in 2021.

We’d like for all creatives producing short films, feature films documentaries or content for official release to be a part of his efforts to having the most original score releases in 2021.

By collaborating with us we’d like to offer you the opportunity to utilise Daniel’s original score/music in your film productions or similar projects at no cost. We also would be making the additional marketing and PR exposure which we will gain from the World Record submission we've planned already freely available to your project.

All we simply ask is that Daniel is listed on a official platform with credit for his works composed allowing him to include it in the World record submission.

If your project is a non film based project e.g. advertisement, vocal performance listed on YouTube the necessary credits should be given in the description of selected submission in order to be part of this campaign.

Some of Daniel Patrick Murrell’s compositions have already been compared to music heard in leading films of Christoper Nolan, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Sam Mendes & Ang Le.

For vocal artists, bands and performers who also wish to partake in turn we ask that you provide proof of a publisher or recognised platform and a registration with a music society.

This initiative is run by a team of professionals assisting with all post production and legal processes for client satisfaction.

If you would like to have your film project form part of this campaign please contact us.

Thank you all for your time

Team Daniel patrick Murrell

9 months ago