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Why do you donate to crowdfinding? For a credit? other perk? karma?

I've been doing some research into crowdfunding and trying to understand how to motivate people to support a campaign.

With my own (indiegogo campaign), so far it's only been my family to donate so I'm trying to learn from it and fund out how to reach a wider audience.

Are you bothered about getting a credit?
Or do you just like being a part of bringing a film into the world?
Are there other perks that could persuade you?

This is my campaign which I started, to raise funds for a film festival run, but I think perhaps because the film is already made it doesn't give people as much incentive to donate.

I'd love any feedback or to hear about what makes you decide to support a film.

Happy new year - May the gods clear your path for smooth yet adventurous productions!

2 years ago