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Footage battle

I have a legal issue to ask for some advice. I am attending a film school at the moment, which I just started not long ago. I did a short film with my group on our first day, and I was also an actress in the film since I was the only girl in the group. But the course leader refused to give us the footage which I suspected because I was in it. He's much older than the tutor and me. He could be my father! All the other films with other students in it were being sent to everybody for editing and discussing afterwards, except the one I was in?!

When I asked him why he didn't send that footage. He came up with a lame excuse, "Oh, the footage from the first day was not for editing and therefore I did not save it." The date we were filming our short, which I was in, was also strangely being removed from the study schedule. Something is not quite right here.

Therefore I feel discriminated against. So, do I have the legal right to demand that footage? If the footage could not be restored since he might have destroyed it, could I demand a refund for the course? This is just one of the many racial issues I have experienced at this school.

Every help & advice is appreciated. I thank you in advance.

5 days ago