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Do I need Erros & Omissions insurance for a non-comercial short doc?

Hi SP,

I am finishing a 28 min short documentary for NHS education. It is a "documentary" because it is based on academic research conducted by my producers (for which they own IP), but it also includes dramatisation loosely inspired by true suicide-related events, although the characters, names, locations and other aspects of the story are either fabricated or a collage of different events. Am I being over-cautious by seeking E&O insurance?

The documentary will mostly be for internal consumption (NHS practitioners in suicide prevention), but it will also be freely available online. There will be no commercial distribution, it won't even go to film festivals and we are planning to have it under a Creatve Commons BY-NC-ND license (Attribution, NonCommercial, ShareAlike, No Derivatives).

Any recommendations and ideas of cost would be very helpful. The budget was a £10K.

Thank you,


1 year ago