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Looking for producers/DOP/crew to collaborate on black comedy about an 80yr old mans thunderous snoring in a four bed hostel dorm

Hi there,

Looking to collaborate on a 7 minute black comedy short.

Logline: Two friends desperate for a good night sleep are stuck in a four bed hostel dorm with an 80 yr old roommate who is a thunderous snorer. At 5am, it becomes too much and they take action, however this action has dire consequences.

This film is based on an experience I had in a Santa Monica Hostel Dorm last year. The lack of personal space from this snorer almost drove us insane. In hindsight, this is what we found funny about the hostel setting. You try to block out things you find annoying but at one point or another it reaches a boiling point.

In the film, this boiling point is the suspected/accidental death of the Old Man.

I have an 11th Draft of a 7 page script ready to go and would love to hear any feedback.

Here is a link to my last short film which I wrote and directed, about a single father dreading the birds and bees talk with his son.

Link to If It's Not On:



1 year ago