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Looking To Start A Writing Room

Hi everyone: how's it going,

I'm an audio producer, with a professional studio based in London.
in the past I've collaborated with recording artist's off 'The Voice (UK), & recorded vocalist's off
X Factor (Italy). And earlier this year I crossed over in to the world of TV, Film, Radio, & on line media.
You can find one of my recent radio reels at:

After recently producing a couple of radio shows, audio books, audio plays, for a number of VO's, Writers, and Radio Hosts.

I was slightly surprised at the amount of time and energy invested, by the Performers, Writers, everyone else on the teams and myself to get the projects produced from start to finish. Overall though, it was a wicked experience, and I would strongly recommend it to any music producer who's never worked in radio.

In an industry where you're often making your reel on the job, the thought crossed my mind, that there are probably other passionate and crafty writers, Voice Actors, Hosts and Content creators on here looking to produce more of their written works in to audio, but might be restricted by hiring Voice Actors, Writers, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and Studio services.

so I thought I'd propose that we start a Writing Room. where we regularly collaborate together and create / produce Audio Books, Audio Plays, Audio Shows, Podcasts, and Short Stories on a regular basis, everything audio. some of the benefits of this would be:

-instant creative and constructive feedback from your fellow collaborators
-Networking with other talented writers, VO's, Performers looking to break the industry.
-Pool of studio / recording resources / experience to help minimise mistakes and production costs
-Gaining different experience around various styles of writing, acting, performing and audio production.
-increasing the amount of written works you finish
-getting produced works on Audible, Apple Books, Google Play Books, Kobo, much faster
-Building an awesome reel and catalogue of work, in a shorter space of time.
-The opportunity to demo your ideas before investing in production.

so if you're interested in setting something like this up, whether you're passionate about writing / performing, fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, Drama, Erotic, or Comedy or anything inbetween.
hit me back, and we can chat.
Have a good one,


8 months ago