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Copyright Advice for a short film...Help!


We are in pre-production for a short little British comedy drama.

I'm getting conflicting advice regarding copyright and we can't afford a lawyer...starting to freak out!

Our protagonist in the story lives in a tipi community in Wales, 1991. When he finds out Terminator 2 is premiering in TV he decides he wants to get one, behind his parents back.

My questions:

-can we use a poster of Arnie in the child's tipi (not using the Terminator 2 branding, just his face)

-when he flicks through a TV guide, can we show a list of shows names and then 'Premier: Terminator 2' (no images)

-can the characters talk about the film

Any advice would be really helpful. I've searched the web and there seemed to be people saying there is fair use/popular culture and one blog referenced the movie Clerks, where they discuss movies a lot and have posters in the background.

However, I spoke to Raindance film festival and they said we can't use the poster of Arnie.

Thank you

9 months ago