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Producer looking for scripts to build already developing slate here! (preferably shorts) - Anyone interested?

Hey all,

I'm currently in the casting stage of a short with two execs and HODs already attached. While this is still an ongoing process with everything happening in the world at the moment, I'd really like to start building up this slate and throw the rest of the time I have in to a few scripts, 5-10, or 10-20 type things. Again, fairly open (I realise this opens me up to a bunch of requests but that's ok, I'll see what I can plough through)

Am very much open to what gets sent on over, but mainly looking for a diverse range of writers to collaborate and build a working relationship with. I've also previously worked as a assistant for a large producer working in features, reading scripts and writing coverage, so can potentially send over a bit of feedback, too.

Inbox always open.



2 months ago